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Cash for clunkers - Brake Testa Trade In Promotion

Circuitlink will pay you a rebate of $100 for trading in your old portable brake test tool – any brand

    Terms and Conditions
  • Circuitlink to provide AUD$100 factory rebate when you send to Circuitlink:
  • Full contact details AND
  • 1. Copy of tax invoice for any new model of Brake Testa from Repco Pty Ltd AND
    2. Your old portable decelerometer brake test unit – any brand
  • Applies to purchases of new Circuitlink Brake Testa via Repco
  • Payment will be made by cheque to the nominated name with validated claim

Send your old brake meter, along with a copy of your Repco invoice for a new Brake Tester and your contact details to:

Attn: Cash for Clunkers Promotion
Circuitlink Pty Ltd
4/ 87 Station Rd
Seven Hills
NSW 2147