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Online Data Analysis Tools

Bring your data to life

Make your business decisions with intelligence. Our Data Analysis tools provide fast and easy access to all the telematic data captured from your Circuitlink on board devices such as the state of the art T5 Tacholink. Information such as GPS location, Driver ID, vehicle & engine speed, harsh acceleration and braking and any of the dozens of vehicles CAN bus signals can be analysed to ensure your fleet is managed as efficiently as possible.

Event Data Recorder

When Circuitlink’s Event Data Recorder, also known as the Tacholink Black Box, is integrated into your fleet our analysis software is provided as a complimentary service. Circuitlink’s Event Data Recording software has been used over many years to assist fleet manages to review and understand the operational circumstances surrounding the unfortunate but inevitable accidents which occur with any fleet. When using Circuitlink’s latest Tacholink T5 tacholink and event can also be displayed These reporting tools have been successful in exonerating drivers in contested accidents which previously relied on one person’s statement versus another’s. Circuitlink’s detailed reports have also shown to reduce frivolous litigation when detailed accident reports become part of the evidence.

Driver Identification & Safety Systems

Fleet managers can now build detailed rich reports in which fleet drivers can be scored and benchmarked on their driving behavior to improve driver performance and reduce fuel & maintenance costs or damage to company image as a result of inappropriate driver behaviour.

Condition Based Monitoring

Circuitlink’s telematic hardware (Tacholink T5) and online data analysis software now has the ability to configure, identify & report immediately (subject to cellular connection) any desired inputs as and when they occur to ensure Fleet managers are always fully informed of the status of their fleet. Regular scheduled fleet reports can also be generated as required. Condition Based Monitoring uses key input to assist fleet workshops in identifying potential issues early to reduce maintenance costs and costly breakdowns. Real time monitoring of tyre pressure sensors (TPMS), oil pressure, engine & bearing temperatures are just some of the critical inputs that can be covered.

Exception Reports

Fleet managers have a choice of scheduled fleet driver reports and or they can now receive real time notifications of an individual vehicles configured exceptions within minutes of them occurring to allow immediate action and therefore providing greater benefit to the fleet owners, the drivers and the community alike. Typical exceptions may include non seat belt use, excess speed, harsh acceleration, vehicle roll over, entering or exiting GPS defined locations (Geo fencing). Vehicle trips can be displayed on the digital maps showing when and where any exceptions have occurred.